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The Caern heart itself sits only 50 feet from a waterfall that flows down into the lake. The sun and moon, in equal parts, reflect beautifully around the water to allow the light and shadows to dance around the entrance. The water that flowed down into the waterfall disappeared into the cave that lead to the actual heart of the caern. Inside there was a small pool of water, no one truly knew how deep, but the water was a beautiful blue that caused refraction of even the most dim lights within. There was a feeling of pure energy within the large cave and at its center were a pile of rocks that somehow were able to stand on the other despite the impossibility of it. Within the cave the raw spiritual energy was overwhelming to those new to the feeling, and even those that had felt it a thousand times still felt renewed being there. A small red fox curled up beside the pool of water, its tail dipping in and swirling it about, causing endless ripples, as its all too intelligent eyes watched all those that came within.

The Sept lands were vast country side that was thousands of acres, that had a very rustic ranch feel to it. There was a large gate at the entrance of the drive way, off the country road that the lands started on. They always remained closed and there was an intercom system or codes that must be used to get in.

The San Diego Bawn is your classic southern Californian camping grounds- a hilly clover patch oasis left standing between the copper sand desert and grey urban sprawl. The grounds are a lively mismatch of color- natural dirt brown, forest green flowing grass and millions of stalks of wild purple lavender. Tall Coast Live oak trees cress the outlines of the Mission Trails Regional park, providing cool and shade to those that desire it.

To the south lies the San Diego river, a gentle rushing stream clear as a pale marble, unsoiled by corruption or unnatural pollution. Sounds of babbling brooks are echoed by the splashes of fish landing into water over the rockier parts of the fluids. On a good day you might be able to catch one or two of them, and legend has it a spirit might offer you good fortune if you let it free. The stream is often used by locals for moonlight summer skinny dipping during the warmer months, and some spot cleaning when a traditional garb needs to be absolutely perfect. There’s a small wooden dock no longer than a suburban drive way that reaches halfway out to the river’s other side, with a set of canoes tied to the furthest pier. There’s a set of benches facing the water, tied with bars to separate the seats to keep out the homeless.

To the north lies the parking lot, a stone’s throw away from the classic 405. A series of campers in various states and conditions litter the lot, acting as supplemental housing for those just passing or are of little rank.

To the west lies a trio of long rustic buildings build. In the center lies the largest one for the elder pack- and on it stands a red brick patio surrounded by white and brown marbled stone. The Patio is as large as a modern dance studio, with rocky pillars on the edges with wooden rails to keep the more individuals from falling into the bushes

Elder Den & Adren Den To the south lies the near endless valleys of the Californian plane. Long low fields of hay yellow that crest into tall sky touching hills. Into the far distance this pattern of alternating low and high levels repeats it self as far as the eyes can see. Roams of cattle huddle among the hills.