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Hi, this page is something that is going to help you a lot with one big aspect of Werewolf the Apocalypse, combat and fighting the Wyrm or the denizens of the Wyrm. This is an aspect that we all will encounter and our staff here wants to help you as much as we can, while also giving you the feeling of doing it on your own. This guide will be an all-encompassing “How do I combat” guide in W20.

Combat, in essence, has several steps to combat and each step has actions or things that you as a player can do. You have the lead up to combat, this can be in the planning stages if you are planning on going after something big, with your entire pack, or with the sept in general, usually if this scene happens your storyteller will allow you to begin your buffs, and abilities that will ensure that in combat you will be the best you that you can be.

Then you get to the actual start of combat when initiative is called, when this starts you in the dice channel need to roll your initiative this is done with this command. “!inits x y” X is equal to your score in your dexterity attribute, and Y is equal to your score in your wits attribute. Our bot will roll one dice and add both of your attributes to the roll on the dice and tell you that your Initiative score = Z.. at this point to make things nice and Easy we as staff will ask you to change your nick, this is handled by going /nick Tiny_z wherein Z equals the number that you were just given to your initiative. It makes things easy by managing combat. The more managing we are able to do the easier we as staff will have in running the combat, remember we have to take care of all our players, as well as any of the NPC’s that you are currently fighting. It gets to be a lot on us, any help you can give us is helpful.

Now also during the initiative phase is where we will require any rage spends during the round for extra actions, if the Rage was not spent during this round, then you cannot spend for rage in another part of the round for extra actions. Rage is spent by going !Rage X, where X = the amount of rage you are wanting to spend. Now with rage, you can only spend half of your rage in one turn, as well as for Extra turns you can only go up to your dexterity score.

Alright after everyone has rolled the initiative for the turn than we get into combat where we can actually start doing stuff right? Sadly no, we go into Phase two of the round which is the declaration of your actions, the way that it is done in the order of the lowest initiative score to the highest, this is done because this is all happening in the span of seconds and you cannot easily change your action to fit what’s going on in a fight, you may swing at an already dead guy, or hell you may even get hit because you did not see the punch coming. This is a dynamic and ever-changing combat.

If you are wanting to do two actions in your turn, let's say you wish to Bite/Claw.. Or Claw Claw.. or Kick up from prone and attack, or even attack and Dodge this is a very simple action. In order to do this you are needing to Split your dice pools, what you do is you look at the two dice pools you are working with, you are limited in a total number of dice for both actions by the lower of the two pools. So if you have 8 dice in Dex + Brawl, but only 6 dice in Dex + Athletics for getting back up to your feet you have 6 dice total to spend for this action. You can do 2 dice in one pool, and 4 other, or Three in both pools. Either way, you take your total number of dice from the lower pool, and then you allocate dice from that pool for each action you are wanting to split with.

The very last person to declare triggers the next step in combat, where you can finally roll all those dice you have been hoarding, this is the fun part we all love rolling dice and doing stuff, its why we play role playing games, they are just as much about role play as they are about roll play. When it's your turn whether you are wanting to punch your opponent or claw them this is when you will roll dice, please look at the below chart to find out what you wish to roll, or even look at this handy-dandy sheet made by our very own Huginn.

Combat Maneuvers

Normal Maneuvers

This following list are the normal actions that anyone can do, these require no special prerequisites, and this is going to be the bread and butter of most of your combats.

System:: Dex + Athletics DC 6, this roll is contested with your attackers roll for a 1 for 1, each success you make on this roll subtracts 1 success from the attacker, score more and you don't get hit.
This is moving like Neo

System:: Dex + Brawl DC 6 this roll is contested with your attackers roll for a 1 for 1, each success you make on this roll subtracts 1 success from the attacker, score more and you don't get hit..
(I should note do not try blocking gunfire.. This will not work)

System:: Dex + Melee this roll is contested with your attackers roll for a 1 for 1, each success you make on this roll subtracts 1 success from the attacker, score more and you don't get hit.
It's essentially a block using a weapon instead

System:: Dex + Brawl DC 5 Damage:: Str + 1 Agg Actions:: 1 Forms:: Crinos/Hispo/Lupus this attack is fairly straightforward.. You want you to go Omnomnom on whoever you are fighting. Keep in mind some creatures of the wyrm you really don't want to get in your mouth, but don't say I didn't warn you. Also, you really need sharp teeth to use this move. But in Glabro you /can/ use it too, it's just DC 8 and its Str - 1 Lethal

System:: Dex + Brawl DC6, Damage:: Str + 1 Actions:: 1 Forms:: Crinos/Hispo Agg, Glabro/Lupus Bash.
You rip your claws through your opponent, you are a Gaian this is what you do. Rawr..

System:: Dex + Melee DC 7/Dex + Brawl DC 8 - 1 die, Damage:: 0, Actions:: 1, Forms:: Homid/Glabro/Crinos.
You use your weapon or hands to knock away your opponent's weapon, if you beat the opponents Strength score it goes flying and you have taken an advantage. Note we are not responsible for lost fingers if you try to disarm a sword with your hands.

Flank or Rear Attacks
System:: Actions 1, Forms:: all
You juke and jive to the side or back of your opponent that is fighting someone else at the time, and attack them where it’s weak this gives your attack pools a -1 diff at the flank or a -2 diff at the rear. Your opponents can be flanked and rear attacked and so can you.

System:: Strength/Dex(St Discretion) + Brawl DC 6, Damage:: Strength or 0(Could be lethal or agg in special cases talk to your st), Forms:: Homid/Glabro/Crinos, Actions:: 1
The base of MMA, the age-old art of grappling, this is grabbing an opponent to either crush or immobilize them. If you are stuck in a grapple you need to roll Strength + Brawl vs your opponent's Strength + Brawl roll in a resisted action, or you can shoot to turn the grapple around by doing that same roll and beating your opponent by two successes if you're grappled you're immobilized until the grapple breaks.

System:: Dex + Brawl DC 7, Damage:: Strength + 1 Bashing(Lethal if it's Crinos Kicking Human), Actions 1, Forms:: Homid/Glabro/Crinos this is a kick, it's something we all have seen it could be simple or it could be a flying axe kick Bruce Lee would be proud of, either way, you're kicking.

System:: Dex + Brawl DC6, Damage:: Strength Bashing(Lethal in circumstances), Actions 1, Forms:: Homid/Glabro/Crinos
Punches, like kicks, can be simple or something you would see in the boxing ring, or even a knife hand strike, now you may always ask your ST if you're doing an uppercut, haymaker or something special for it to do more damage at a higher difficulty be creative here and talk to your st. We should know Nerve Strikes, Kidney blows, Liver shots (these would be called shots) as well as 800-pound Crinos War Machines these punches could be considered lethal damage.

System:: Dex + Brawl/Melee DC 8, Damage None, Actions 1, Forms
All this is taking your opponent's legs out from under them, can be a leg, tail, weapon or even really long arms if you're in Crinos form, anyways the goal is to take the opponent off balance and send them to the ground.

System:: Dex + Brawl DC 7, Damage:: Strength Bashing, Forms:: All, Actions 1
You are running full force into an opponent turning your body into a battering ram, you need at least 2 yards of distance to do this move as you need to be able to build up momentum. Botches can come in many forms, you trip taking 1 damage for every yard you ran, you hit something hard that doesn't give taking your strength in damage, or crash in your opponent and bouncing off taking his stamina in damage doing no harm to him. But when you successfully tackle both you and your opponent need to make a Successful Dex + Athletics roll dc 6 for the attacker DC 6 + successes for the opponent to stay standing. Some circumstances might make the damage from tackles lethal, always consult your ST.

Dirty Fighting

Three things on these maneuvers before I start.

  1. You must have a Brawl of 3 or Background justification for using these Maneuvers.
  2. If you follow a totem that looks for Honor in your life these maneuvers could harm that relationship.
  3. Garou Society is built on Honor, Glory, and Wisdom. Using dishonorable tactics in an Honorable Combat such as a duel may wind up getting you in some serious trouble with the Master of Challenges. (You have been warned.)

System:: Dexterity + Subterfuge DC 9, Damage:: Special, Forms:: Homid/Glabro/Crinos, Actions 1
This is what it sounds like you are going to make your opponent not be able to see, this could be an eye poke, raking them, throwing dirt in the eyes, think like Ric Flair and be the Dirtiest player in the game. For each success you have your opponent is blinded for one turn, as well as they lose 2 dice from their dice pools until recovery. This attack normally does not inflict damage, however, if you try to gouge eyes out with claws, or use acid it could do a health level or two of damage, with these more vicious attacks 5 or more successes on the attack may even destroy the eyes completely.

Body Slam
System:: Dex + Brawl DC 6, Damage:: Strength + 2 Bashing, Actions:: 2 Forms:: Homid/Glabro/Crinos
I’m going to tell you something brother at Wrestlemania three in front of 80 thousand screaming Hulkamaniacs I picked Andre the Giant up over my head and I slammed him hard into the mat --- Suplex City Bitch--Or you could even slam them through the top of the ‘’’CAGE BA GAWD BREAKING THEM IN HALF’’’.. This attack is two parts, and two turns (or a split, or a rage action) Part one Grapple your opponent see the Grapple rule, Part two is this system where you pick them up and slam them down to the ground however you wish to. Normally this is a bashing damage attack however if you are slamming them on something sharp spiked or very hot the damage could also be considered lethal.

System:: Strength + Brawl DC 6, Damage:: Strength + 2 Lethal, Actions:: 2, Forms:: Homid/Glabro/Crinos
So this attack requires some things, first your opponent needs to be Stunned or immobilized, second you need a full turn to set them up, bracing their face against a curb or some other type of solid surface, and then you slam your foot down right on the back of the neck.. This is an extremely sickening attack. But don't just take my word for it. Curb Stomp

Low Blow
System:: Dex + Brawl DC 7, Damage:: Strength + Stun Bashing, Actions:: 1, Forms
All, this attack is a targeted attack on some very sensitive areas, For example, balls, jewels, Jimmy's, Cunt Punt, septum, Adam's apple, Kidneys just to list a few. This hurts a fuck ton, but also not only does it hurt if it lands, you're going to stun your opponent for one turn for each heal level inflicted after the soak roll, this can be shrugged off with a stamina roll DC 8, but man it's going to hurt a lot, it's normally Bashing damage however it can be lethal if struck with teeth blades, claws, or even crushing force.

Pistol Whip
System:: Dex + Melee DC:: 7, Damage:: Strength + 2 Lethal, Actions:: 1, Forms:: Homid/Glabro
You're smacking your opponent in the face or the skull with a gun, crowbar, or something similar bringing the heavy object right into the skull/face cracking bones. If you get hit with one of these you need to roll Stamina DC 8 or you're stunned for 1 round, 2 if you botch. These attacks can get very nasty quickly.

Special Maneuvers

So this needs to be said about these Maneuvers these are Garou / Fera specific you can choose from ‘’’ONE’’’ of these at creation. For additional special maneuvers, you must find a teacher for any others ‘’’AFTER CREATION’’’

Evasive Action
System:: Wits + Athletics DC 6, Damage:: None, Actions:: 1, Forms:: All
So this is basically a feint, dodge, or spinning out of the way with style from an attack, This is very close to a normal Dodge in each success you make takes a success from your opponent, but!!!! If you score more successes than your opponent on your next turn and if you go before your attacker next turn, your attack is at a -1 diff (since they are now open to your counter-attack).

System:: Dex + Brawl/Melee DC 8/9, Damage Strength Agg/lethal + Cripple, Actions 1, Usable by:: Homid/Glabro (with a weapon) Crinos/Hispo/Lupus normally
You are going right for your opponent's lower leg, going for tendons, and muscle, normally this attack is a bite DC8 however you can also try to do it with a weapon at DC9 if you are successful against something with two legs, it knocks your opponent over making it really hard to stand again Dex + Athletics DC 8, as well as making it nearly impossible to move quarter normal movement until this damage heals, if you are attacking something with more than two legs it halves normal Movement and they may also be pulled down to the ground they need to roll Dex + Athletics DC 7. WHen this attack is made by Teeth or Claws of a werewolf it's Aggravated, if it's made with a weapon it's Lethal and DC 9

Jaw Lock
System:: Dex + Brawl DC 6, Damage:: Special, Actions:: 1, Forms:: Crinos/Hispo/Lupus
So first thing you need to know is your opponent needs to have been flipped over or knocked down to the ground for you to use this maneuver, you are wrapping your teeth around the neck of your opponent in a contest of skill, and strength, most will give up once your teeth are wrapped firmly around their neck however some may try to contest this with contested Strength + Athletics rolls if the attacker wins he forces the target to the ground and pins them, if the attacker loses you failed to get the lock but you still do inflict normal bite Damage, if you win this is also a time when most will give up fighting, however some may decide they do not want to give up here and try to fight in contested Strength + Brawl checks DC Varies if you are the Defender who has Jaws locked around you your DC is your opponents Brawl + 4, and If you are the one with your Jaws locked around some helpless fool the DC is your opponents Brawl + 2, if the person with Jaws locked around them gets free, it's going to hurt as they take in damage the number of successes the opponent rolled. If you get free you pay for it, but you can still fight on.

Leaping Rake
System:: Dex + Athletics DC 3/Dex + Brawl DC 8, Damage:: Strength + 1, Actions 2, Forms:: Homid/Glabro/Crinos
’’’THIS MANEUVER IS A SPLIT’’’ or ‘’’TWO RAGE ACTIONS’’’, Or your action + Rage action.. You want to attack your opponent as you are jumping through the air away from them, you need to roll dex + athletics dc 3 with a total number of successes equal to how far you are trying to clear in yards to get to safety for the next round. After you succeed this roll you then roll your Dex + Brawl DC 8 to do damage, as you are flying through the air, this can be with your claws, or with a weapon. If you fail the jump you're still in your enemy's reach, and you lost out on the bad ass leaping attack of doom. But man if you make these rolls what a fucking badass.

System:: Mani + Expression/Intimidation DC Opponent's Wits + 4, Damage:: none, Actions:: 1, Forms:: All
You can't See me.. ‘’’’’Do you smell what The Rock is cooking’’’’’, ‘’’WHAT’’’, You hit like a girl, see your taunting or threatening your opponent here, for every two success you make on this roll, the target loses once dice from their next action. Also Taunting Garou, if you score more than one success your Garou opponent also needs to roll frenzy. If this is a full pack taunting you, the frenzy diff is reduced by one for each member of the pack doing the taunting.’’Note you can drop the dice pool to Zero using taunts’’.

System:: Dex + Brawl DC 6 -1 for each additional wolf in the attack, Actions:: 2, Forms:: Glabro/Crinos/Hispo/Lupus
So you want to rip your opponent limb from Limb well with the Wishbone maneuver you can do just that, this can be done by one person or by a group. It's a pretty fucking disturbing attack. You first have to Grab.. and then you Yank. Each person involved does the Dex + brawl DC 6 or lower depending on the numbers involved. Your next turn or rage action you can start pulling slowly or yanking pretty hard depending on if you want to stretch it out, or if you want you can use it as a method of Coercion. So when doing damage if you make more than 3 damage on the limb you're pulling on after soak. ‘’’POP’’’.. and you rip it off..Or break it yanno.

Pack Tactics

So when fighting together as a pack, there are gifts that will help you here, normally these all require you to have a Totem binding you, however, if a Group of Wolves not bound to a totem trains a lot together, we may allow you to perform these at +1 Diff You can even create your own tactics and guess what there Glory or Wisdom Renown awarded for doing so. Besides what's listed see Flank or Rear Attacks,Sweep,Taunt, and Wishbone, above, as well as Long Running, Sensing, and Shadowing in the Physical Feats section, and Hunting, Searching and Tracking under the Mental Feats section. ‘’’AS A PACK!!!’’’ You together will know a maneuver for the lowest gnosis score in the pack. If you have all Gnosis 5 pick five if everyone has Gnosis 10 and your Homid Ahroun has Gnosis 1. Sad you only get one.

Fur Gnarl
System:: Dex + Brawl DC 7, Packmates Required:: 2 or More, Forms:: Glabro/Crinos/Hispo/Lupus
So there is Armor, Skin, Fur, Scales, or other things that can protect your opponent. The first attacker in the pack goes in and rolls Dex + Brawl weakening an area on the target, and then everyone else can attack that area at a +2 difficulty. For every two successes on the initial attack, all further attacks until the Armor is replaced or the area is healed drops 1 dice from the soak rolls for that location. Keep in mind every attack in this maneuver also counts to dropping soak dice from the target, you could strip all the soak dice from your opponent this way.

System:: Dex + Athletics DC 5 (Contested) Forms:: Hispo/ Lupus, Packmates Required:: 4 or more
So this is the method of running your prey into the ground, once you find your target you need to approach your prey from all four sides. The First roll comes from whoever is at the rear, you roll your Dex + Athletics DC 5, vs your Preys Dex + Athletics dc 5 if you succeed your next pack mate makes the same roll while your preys DC is 6, this continues until the prey tires out, or begins fighting back. If the Prey wins they break free and the next attempt at Harrying has an increased DC to the number of successes the Prey beat the Pack at. If you are harrying a Human for each handoff they lose 1 wp, if you are harrying a humanoid supernatural creature they lose 1 wp for every two handoffs.

System:: Various, Forms:: Any form, Packmates Required:: 3 or more
So Sav….:: :: Tiny Gets knocked down by Phoenix, several large wolves dragging him behind a dumpster as he yells:: :: "First off, it's called dog pile. Don't listen to dickface back there calling it 'savage' or something flowery like that. It ain't flowery. What it is, is how us gnawers take care of... dicks. First, one of your pack makes a sweep, or a tackle, or a pulls the fuckin' rug out from under the dick you're takin' care of. Doesn't matter what, just get the fucker down on the ground. Then? Everyone and their sister jumps on and goes to town on the fucker, leaving him Blinded, Knocked down, Immobilized or even Stunned. Up to ten of us can pile on, and getting out from under that is a Dex + Athletics roll that starts at 4, with +1 for each person in the Pile. Trust me, you bring your crew with you? That fucker's going down, but he ain't ever getting back up.

Huguin's totally awesome spreadsheet

Now when you are getting attacked you can always either spend a Willpower, or roll your willpower score, to revert your action to a defensive one instead, this will allow you to Dodge (Dex + Athletics) Parry (Dex + Athletics) or even Block (Dex + Brawl) the number of successes you score, will take the total number of successes away from the person that’s trying to do you harm, if you reduce them down to 0 great. They don’t hit you, however, if they have 1 or 2 successes still they will get the hit, you just took dice away from damage.

Now let's say you did hit and are doing damage, the damage that you will be doing is typically Str + damage rating + overages on dice, each weapon has its own damage rating, as well as your maneuvers, have their own damage ratings, this could be bashing, lethal or even aggravated damage. The below chart lists the damage rating of everything found in W20.

Weapons an Armor


Armor Type Rating Dexterity Penalty
Tough Hide 1–3 0
Reinforced Clothing 1 0
Biker Jacket 1 1
Leather Duster 2 2
Bearskin Coat 3 3
Steel Breastplate 3 2
Kevlar Vest 3 1
Flak Vest 4 2
Riot Suit 5 3
Trashcan Lid 2 (none, but requires diff. 6 Dexterity + Melee roll to employ)

Melee Weapons

Weapon Difficulty Damage/Type Conceal
Sap 4 Strength/B P
Whip 6* Strength +1/L J
Spiked Gauntlet 6 Strength +1/L J
Broken Bottle 6 Strength +1/L** P
Chair 7 Strength +2/B N
Table*** 8 Strength +3/B N
Chain 5* Strength/B J
Staff 6 Strength +1/B N
Mace 6 Strength +2/L N
Baseball Bat 5 Strength+2/B T
Spiked Club 6 Strength +2/L T
Huge Spiked Club*** 7 Strength +4/L N
Knife 4 Strength +1/L P
Sword 6 Strength +2/L T
Klaive**** 6 Strength +2/A J
Grand Klaive**** 7 Strength +3/A T
Great Sword*** 5 Strength +6/L N
Axe 7 Strength +3/L T
Great Axe*** 7 Strength +6/L N
Polearm 7 Strength +3/L N
Chainsaw 8 Strength +7/L***** N
Difficulty:: The normal difficulty at which the weapons is used.
Damage:: The number of damage dice rolled when employing this weapon.
Type:: B = Bashing L = Lethal A = Aggravated
Conceal:: P = Pocket J = Jacket T= Trenchcoat N= N/A
*May be used to entangle an enemy’s limb at +1 difficulty.
**Breaks after three uses.
***Two-handed weapons::;; very heavy – requires minimum of Strength 3 to employ.
****Silver weapons — damage cannot be soaked by werewolves except in breed form.
*****On a botch, user inflicts damage upon self.

Thrown Weapons

Weapon Difficulty Damage/Type Conceal
Knife 6 Strength/L P
Shuriken 7 3/L P
Spear 6 Strength +1/L N
Stone 5 Strength/B varies
Stone, head-sized Strength +3/B N
Tomahawk 6 Strength +1/L J

Ranged Weapons

Type Damage Range Rate Magizine Conceal
Revolver, Lt. 4 12 3 6 P
Ruger SP101 (.357)
Revolver, Hvy. 6 35 2 6 J
S&W500 (.50 Caliber)
Semi-Automatic Pistol, Lt. 4 20 4 17+1 P
Walther PPQ (9mm)
Semi-Automatic Pistol, Hvy. 5 30 3 7+1 J
Colt M1911 (.45 ACP)
Rifle 8 200 1 5+1 N
Remington M40A5 (7.62 x 51 MM NATO)
SMG, Small* 4 25 3 30+1 J
Intratec TEC-9 (9x19mm Parabellum)
SMG, Large 4 50 3 30+1 T
HK MP7 (4.6X30MM)
Assault Rifle* 7 150 3 42+1 N
Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal P90 (5.7 X 28mm)
Shotgun, Sawed-Off 8 10 2 2 J
Savage/Stevens 311A (12 Gauge)
Shotgun 8 20 1 5+1 T
Mossberg 590 “Compact Cruiser” (12 Gauge)
Shotgun, Semi-Automatic 8 25 3 6+1 T
Izhmash Saiga-12 (12 Gauge)
Shotgun, Assault* 8 50 * 32+1 N
Pancor Jackhammer (12 Gauge)


Type Damage Range Rate Magizine Conceal
Short Bow 4 60 1 1 N
Hunting Bow 5 100 1 1 N
Long Bow 5 120 1 1 N
Crossbow, Commando 3 20 1 1 J***
Crossbow 5 90 1 1 T
Crossbow, Hvy. 6 100 1 1 N
Taser**** 5 5 1 1 P
Tear Gas**** 3 3 1 5 P
Bear Mace**** 4 3 1 3 P
Damage:: All damage from firearms and bows is lethal.(To Garou and Humans, other creatures may only be Bashing)
Range:: Within listed range (in yards), difficulty is 6::;; at twice listed Range, difficulty is 8::;; within two yards, difficulty is 4.
Rate:: Maximum number of bullets or three-round bursts the gun can fire in a single turn.
Magazine:: Maximum number of bullets the gun can hold. Some guns, listed as “+1,” can hold a full magazine with a round ready in the chamber.
Conceal:: See the Melee Weapons chart.
*The gun may fire full-auto, three-round bursts, and sprays.
**Long and short bows take an automatic action to nock and draw::;; crossbows require two automatic actions to reload.
***Collapsible::;; requires one turn to unfold from storage configuration, plus one action to load once it has been unfolded.
**** Bashing damage, not lethal::;; adds no extra damage from successes scored. Tear gas and bear mace also reduce target’s dice pools by two dice for one turn per success.

Now after damage is rolled, before you calculate the damage either done to you, or done to your opponent there is a potential ability to soak, some creatures cannot soak some damage types, and others can, if they can or if you are able to soak it, you roll your Stamina difficulty of 6, each success is the number of damage that you were just able to soak coming at you, the rest gets applied to your health boxes, if you drop below incapacitated you can do a Rage roll with a Difficulty of 8, to heal any damage up from Incapacitated to get back on your feet and continue fighting, but be warned you will be in a frenzy if you do this.

After everyone has acted and all damage soaked, and all damage dealt, we restart with rolling inits again.

Combat Circumstances

Now below are some combat circumstances that might pop up, as well as the systematic rules to these circumstances. Please read this section carefully as this can affect your character in major ways.

A character who’s been blinded by injury or darkness cannot dodge, parry or block incoming attacks. All other actions add two to their difficulty. Given the keen senses of most werewolves, a Garou player could take an action to sense her character’s surroundings in order to reduce that penalty, or else use a Gift to compensate for blindness. As usual, the Storyteller is the final judge.

A character who’s been knocked off her feet must take an action to scramble back up::;; if she cannot do so, she may be considered to be partially immobilized.

If a character has been held down, paralyzed, or otherwise rendered unable to move, any character who attacks him reduces her difficulty by two if the target is still able to move a little bit, and may hit him automatically if he cannot move at all.

If — after the soak roll — a character suffers health-level damage that equals or exceeds her Stamina rating, she’s stunned until the end of the following turn. The stunned character can't-do anything except perhaps stumble around in a daze, and attack rolls against her during that time reduce their difficulty by two.

Special rules about Firearms And Bows

So there are some additional ruling when you are using Guns to go Pew Pew Pew or even Bows to go Pew

Distance limits accuracy. Each weapon on the Ranged Weapons chart has a certain listed Range as part of its entry. This Range gives that weapons’ medium effective range::;; within this range, the difficulty is considered to be 6. A given weapon can be fired up to twice that listed Range, but at difficulty 8 (possibly higher at the Storyteller’s call). Within two yards or less, however, the characters are within point-blank range and the difficulty drops to 4.

Assuming that your character has a spare magazine handy, an automatic weapon can be reloaded during combat by taking a single action to do so. That gun can still be fired within the same turn – the player simply loses two dice from his usual attack dice pool. Revolvers can be tricky to reload. A character with a speedloader can slap a new “magazine” into his gun, as above. If he doesn’t have a speed loader ready, he needs to take a full turn to reload that pistol manually. No other actions are possible that turn, not even when spending Rage — the gun and bullets can’t move any faster. A character with a Firearms rating of 1 or better can reload without making a roll under normal circumstances, although certain complications (badly hurt, in a moving car, etc.) might demand a Dexterity + Firearms roll. Reloading a magazine or speedloader with fresh bullets, however, requires a Dexterity + Firearms roll (difficulty 6) and an entire turn. (Again, extra Rage actions cannot speed this reloading time.)

Targeting a Specific Shot
If you want to try blowing that Pentex executive’s head off from a distance, add +2 to the normal difficulty of your character’s shot. The specific effects of a called shot are up to the Storyteller, but they ought to be spectacular.

Three-Round Burst
Many automatic weapons can fire off three-round bursts. As with full-auto fire, these bursts add extra dice to your attack roll — three new dice for a three-round burst — at the cost of a higher difficulty (in this case, +1 to the normal difficulty). Obviously, this expends three bullets each time a burst is fired. Check the Ranged Weapons chart to see which weapons can fire three-round bursts

When a character takes time to line up a shot, he shoots more accurately than one who simply leaps through the air John Woo-style, firing madly at everything that moves. In game terms, that character must remain more or less still (no movement faster than a slow walk) and keep his target in his sights. For each turn spent aiming, the player adds one die to the character’s appropriate dice pool, up to a maximum of that character’s Perception rating. A scope adds two dice to the roll as well. This bonus, however, applies only to a single shot. Each new shot must be aimed again in order to get the full bonus and effect in order to aim properly, a character must have at least one dot in either Firearms (to aim guns) or Archery (to use bows).

Automatic Gunfire
The unholy power of modern firearms allows a character to empty a magazine of ammunition in a single turn… assuming, of course, that the gun can fire that many bullets at one time. Firing a gun at full-auto speed adds 10 dice to the attack roll, but also raises the difficulty of the shot by two. (Those guns buck like crazy!) In order to empty a magazine, your character needs at least half a magazine of ammo, to begin with::;; once those shots are fired, the magazine is empty.A gunman might also spray an area with bullets. In game terms, this works the same way as full-auto fire, except that the successes are distributed evenly between each target involved. If the number of successes rolled is smaller than the number of targets shot at, then the Storyteller decides who’s been hit and who’s been missed by that spray of bullets.

Guns, as far as many Garou are concerned, are treacherous Weaver toys. Bows, on the other hand, have a long, if hypocritical, place of honor in the Garou armory. To use one, a character needs the Archery Skill (a secondary Skill)::;; the player rolls Dexterity + Archery in order to shoot that weapon, and different bows have different difficulty ratings listed on the Ranged Weapons chart. A character without Archery can try to use a bow, but each roll for her adds a +1 difficulty penalty. Guns replaced bows for several reasons. One of the obvious ones comes across if the would-be archer botches a roll; in that case, the bowstring snaps and must be replaced before the weapon can be used again. (Wits + Archery – or Crafts, at +1 difficulty — assuming you have an extra bowstring… otherwise, well, verily thou art SOL.) Bows also take longer to fire than guns do::;; in game terms, an archer must nock and draw the arrow (an automatic action) before she can fire it. A crossbow, meanwhile, takes two turns to ready and fire. On the positive side, arrows, when compared to guns, are nearly silent. Better still, they can shoot a wooden arrow straight into a vampire’s heart. Such fancy shots require at least five successes in order to bulls-eye the heart, and must also inflict at least three health levels (after soaking) in order to pierce the undead bastard’s chest.

Cover and Movement
Not even werewolves want to get shot. When gunfire fills the air, any sane combatant uses cover or speed to escape from harm. The problem with cover is that you can’t shoot what you can’t see. In order to aim and fire, you have to expose a bit of yourself to your enemy’s gunshots as well. Cover adds to the difficulty of hitting a target::;; the more cover a character has, the harder it is to hit her. Conversely, it’s also harder to shoot from certain positions, or to fire accurately while moving yourself; in either case, the shooting character suffers a penalty to his shots as well.

Cover Difficulty to Hit Target Shooter’s Difficulty
Lying Flat +1 0
Moving +1 +1
Behind Wall +2 +1
Only Head Exposed +3 +2

Thrown Weapons

From tomahawks to shuriken, spears to stones, beer bottles to boomerangs, thrown weapons have an illustrious place in every culture’s fights. To hurl something painful at an opponent, roll your character’s Dexterity + Athletics. The difficulty is typically 6, although especially close targets might lower that difficulty by one. Distant targets or awkward objects (tables, motorcycles, weapons that have not been designed to be thrown) may raise that difficulty by one or two. The damage, exact difficulty, concealability and so forth associated with different weapons can be found on the Ranged Weapons chart, under Thrown Weapons. The range of a hurled weapon usually depends on the strength of the thrower, and on the bulk and aerodynamic qualities of the object. The Storyteller should feel free to adjust the difficulties and ranges according to circumstances. Not even the strongest werewolf can toss a Buick very far, after all, but a baseball is quite another story!

Rage and You

What can I spend my Rage on you ask? Well, I have the answer.

Change Forms
At any point in the turn, a player can decide to spend a point of Rage, immediately shifting his werewolf into any one of the five Garou forms.

Ignore Stunning
Under normal circumstances, a character who takes a lot of damage is stunned, and cannot act for the remainder of that turn. (See Stunning, below.) A werewolf, however, can spend a Rage point that turn and keep moving normally.

Ignore Pain
In similar fashion, a werewolf player can spend a point of Rage to let her character ignore the dice penalty for one health level worth of damage. This option does not heal the damage, it lasts for only one turn, and it alleviates only one health level’s penalty for each point of Rage spent this way. After that turn, the pain-penalties kick in again.

Extra Action Limitations

Rage Score
Within a single turn, a player can spend up to half his character’s permanent Rage score in Rage points (rounded up) when getting extra actions. A Garou with Rage 5, for example, can spend three Rage for three extra actions that turn. The player could spend more Rage in order to ignore stunning or pain, but cannot get more than three extra actions that turn.

Rage spent for extra actions must be declared at the beginning of the turn. Other Rage expenditures can be declared at any point within that turn.

In a single turn, a character can take only as many “normal” extra actions as she has dots in either her Dexterity or Wits, whichever is lower. A Dexterity 4/Wits 3 Garou, for instance, could take only three extra actions without incurring a penalty. If her player chooses to exceed that limit, she suffers a +3 penalty to all difficulties that turn. Essentially, the werewolf is trying to go too fast for her body (Dexterity) or mind (Wits) to process. If she happens to be in frenzy, however, her Rage actions are limited only by her Dexterity, as she’s pretty much “beyond her wits” to start with.

Welcome to combat, Have fun.

Written by Tiny