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The influence system used is adapted from Kindred influences. Here is a list of them and what they do.

What are influences? They are ways that the Kin exert control over the human world. They are not the only ones that do so - so they wrest control from other denizens of the night through various means.

Note: Influences will be almost exclusively reserved for Kin with only a few exceptions

It should be noted that influences are not infinite - if they are used, and overtaxed, they can be locked for a period of time. They are not superpowers, if the influences (as any background) are abused they can be lost (and regained).


You can manage various government agencies and bureaus. By dealing with social programs and public servants, you can spin red tape, bypass rules and regulations, or twist bureaucratic regimentation to your advantage. Bureaucracy is useful in operating or shutting down businesses, faking or acquiring permits and identification papers and manipulating public utilities and facilities. Government clerks at the city and county level, utility workers, road crews, surveyors and other civil servants are potential contacts or allies.

° Trace utility bills
°° Fake a birth certificate or driver's license; Disconnect a single small residence's utilities; Close a small road or park; Get public aid ($250)
°°° Fake a death certificate, passport or green card; Close a public school for a single day; Shut down a minor business on a violation
°°°° Initiate a phone tap; Fake land deeds; Initiate a department-wide investigation
°°°°° Start, stop or alter a city-wide program or policy; Shut down a big business on a violation; Rezone areas; Obliterate records for a person on a city or county level


Though the modern church has arguably less control over temporal society than it did in the Middle Ages, its policies still exert considerable influence over the direction of politics and communities. Knowing the appropriate people allows insight into many mainstream religions, such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Shinto, or Buddhism (fringe or alternative groups, such as Scientology, are considered Occult). When you exercise Church Influence, you can change religious policy, affect the assignment of clergy and access a variety of lore and resources. Contacts and allies affected by church influence would include ministers, priests, bishops, church sponsored witch-hungers, holy orders and various attendees and assistants.

° Identify most secular members of a given faith in the local area; Pass as a member of the clergy; Peruse general church records (baptism, marriage, burial, etc.)
°° Identify higher church members; Track regular church members; Suspend lay members
°°° Open or close a single church; Find the average church-associated hunter; Dip into the collection plate ($250); Access private information and archives of a church
°°°° Discredit or suspend high-level church members; Manipulate regional branches of the church
°°°°° Organize major protests; Access ancient church lore and knowledge


Manipulating markets, stock reports and investments is a hobby of some Garou, especially those who use their knowledge to keep hidden wealth. Though your actual available money is a function of your Resources, you can use Fiance Influence to start or smother businesses, crush or support banking institutions, and alter credit records. Clearly, such power over money is not to be trifled with- fortunes are made and destroyed with this sort of pull. CEO's, bankers, stockbrokers, bank tellers, yes-men, financiers and loan agents are found among such work.

° Learn about major transactions and financial events; Raise capital ($1,000); Learn about general economic trends; Learn real motivations for many financial actions of others
°° Trace an unsecured small account; Raise capital to purchase a small business (single store or small service)
°°° Purchase a large business (a few small branches or a single large store or service)
°°°° Manipulate local banking (delay deposits, some credit rating alterations); Ruin a small business
°°°°° Control an aspect of city-wide banking (shut off ATMs, arrange a bank "holiday"); Ruin a large business; Purchase a major company


In this modern age, there are many organizations and places and people that exist and make their living at easing the aches, pains, illnesses and needs of people. These organizations are rife for manipulation and exploitation by enterprising Garou. Those with this influence control health agencies, hospitals, asylums, medical groups and even nursing homes. Contact and Allies affected by Health influence include: nurses, doctors, specialists, lab workers, therapists, counselors and pharmacists, amongst others.

° Access a person's health records; Face vaccination records and the like; Use public functions of health centers at your leisure; Get a single bag (1bp) of mortal blood
°° Access some medical research records; Have minor lab work done; Get a copy of a coroner's report; Instigate minor quarantines
°°° Corrupt results of tests or inspections; Alter medical records
°°°° Acquire a body; Completely rewrite medical records; Abuse grants for personal use ($250); Have minor medical research performed on a subject; Institute large-scale quarantines; Shut down businesses for "health code violations"
°°°°° Have special research projects performed; Have people institutionalized or released

High Society

The glitterati at the top of society move in the circles of wealth and elegance. Many Garou find such positions useful, and they use those that indulge indulge in the passions of the famous and wealthy. Access to famous actors, celebrities and the idle rich grants a certain sway over fashion trends. Combined with Fame a modicum of High Society Influence turns a Garou into a debonair darling of the most exclusive social circles. Among these circles, one finds dilettantes, artists of almost any stripe, old money families, models, rock stars, sports figures, and jetsetters.

° Learn what is trendy; Obtain hard-to-get tickets for shows; Learn about concerts, shows or plays well before they are made public
°° Track most celebrities and luminaries; Be a local voice in the entertainment field; "Borrow" idle cash from rich friends ($1,000)
°°° Crush promising careers; Hobnob well above your station
°°°° Minor celebrity status
°°°°° Get a brief appearance on a talk show that's not about to be canceled; Ruin a new club, gallery, festival, or other posh gathering


The grinding wheels of labor fuel the economies and markets of the world. Machines, factories and blue-collar workers line up in endless drudgery, churning out the staples of everyday living. Control over Industry Influence sways the formation of unions, the movements of work projects, locations for factories, and the product of manufacturing concerns. Union workers, foremen, engineers, construction workers, manual laborers and all manner of blue-collar workers exist among these ranks.

° Learn about industrial projects and movements
°° Close down a small plant; Revitalize a small plant
°°° Organize minor strikes; Appropriate machinery for a short time
°°°° Close down a small plant; Revitalize a small plant
°°°°° Manipulate large local industry


In the so-called hallowed halls of Lady Justice, Garou walk with influence can walk with impunity. Those with this influence are able to control and direct the courts and justice bureaus. Those who enter this influence can even affect the law schools, and law firms attached to the Court system. Contacts and allies can include: lawyers, judges, bailiffs, clerks, and District Attorneys.

° Get free representation for minor cases
°° Avoid bail for some charges; Have minor charges dropped
°°° Manipulate legal procedures (minor wills and contracts, court dates); Access public or court funds ($250); Get representation in most court cases
°°°° Issue subpoenas; Tie up court cases; Have most legal charges dropped; Cancel or arrange parole
°°°°° Close down all but the most serious investigations; Have deportation proceedings held against someone


Directing media attention away from particular activities is a key component of the protecting the Veil. Putting specific emphasis on certain events can place an enemy in an uncomfortable spotlight or discredit a rival. With Media, you can crush or alter news stories, control the operations of news stations and reporters and sway public opinions, with DJ's, editors, of all varieties, Reporters, cameramen, photographers and broadcasters at your disposal. At storyteller discretion, Media Influence may also allow access to the more technical areas of television, radio or movies.

° Learn about breaking stories early; Submit small articles (within reason)
°° Suppress (but not stop) small articles or reports; Get hold of investigative reporting information
°°° Initiate news investigations and reports; Get project funding and waste it ($250)
°°°° Ground stories and projects
°°°°° Broadcast fake stories (local only); Kill small local articles or reports completely


The hidden world of the supernatural teems with secrets, conspiracies and unusual factions. Obviously, a Garou is likely aware that there are stranger things out there by dint of his very existence (after all, if werewolves exist...), but hard knowledge of such things is a function of Abilities and Lores. By using Occult Influence, you can dig up information to improve your knowledge, get inside the occult community, and find rare components from magical rituals. Cult leaders, alternative religious groups, charlatans, occultists, New Agers and a few more dangerous elements can be found here.

° Contact and make use of common occult groups and their practices; Know some of the more visible occult figures
°° Know and contact some of the more obscure occult figures; Access resources for most rituals and rites
°°° Access vital or rare material components; Milk impressionable wannabes for bucks ($250); Access occult tomes and writings
°°°° Learn of signs of local supernatural activity and possibly contact those involved
°°°°° Access occult artifacts and rare occult writings; Control a small cult or circle


"To Protect and Serve". This is the motto for the police, but these days, Garou and Gallain alike may have cause to wonder who is being protected and served. That said, Police Influence can be very handy to assist with the protecting the Veil at the very least, as well as protecting one's holdings or to raid the assets of another. Police of all ranks, detectives, clerical staff, dispatchers, prison guards, special divisions (such as SWAT or homicide) and local highway patrol make up these ranks.

° Learn police procedures; Hear police information and rumors; Avoid traffic tickets
°° Have license plates checked; Avoid minor violations (first conviction); Get "inside information"
°°° Get copies of an investigative report; Have police hassle, detain or harass someone; Find out bureau secrets
°°°° Access confiscated weapons or contraband; Have some serious charges dropped; Start an investigation; Get money, either from the evidence room or as an appropriation ($1,000)
°°°°° Institute major investigations; Arrange setups; Instigate bureau investigations; Have officers fired


Deal-making is second nature to some Garou, and a learned skill to others. Altering party platforms, controlling local elections, changing appointed offices and calling in favors all falls under the purview of Political Influence. Well-timed blackmail, bribery, spin doctoring or any sundry tricks are stock in trade on both sides of this fence. Some of the likely contacts and allies include pollsters, lobbyists, activists, party members, spin doctors and politicians from rural zoning committees to the mayor of major cities or Congressional representatives.

° Minor lobbying; Identify real platforms of politicians and parties; Be in the know
°° Meet small-time politicians; Garner inside information on processes, laws and the like; Use a slush fund or a fund-raiser ($1,000)
°°° Sway or alter political projects (local parks, renovations, small construction)
°°°° Enact minor legislation; Dash careers of minor politicians
°°°°° Get your candidate in a minor office; Enact encompassing legislature


Ignored and often spat on by their "betters," those in the dark alleys and slums have created their own culture to deal with life and any outsiders who might come calling. When calling on Street Influence, you use your connections on the underside of the city to find the homeless, gang members of all sorts, street busker's, petty criminals, prostitutes, residents of the slums or barrios, and fringe elements of so-called "deviant" cultures.

° Open an ear for the word on the street; Identify most gangs and know their turfs and habits
°° Live mostly without fear on the underside of society; Keep a contact or two in most aspects of street life; Access small-time contraband
°°° Get insight into other areas of Influence; Arrange some services from street people or gangs; Get pistols or uncommon melee weapons
°°°° Mobilize groups of homeless; Panhandle or hold a "collection" ($250); Get hold of a shotgun, rifle or SMG; Have a word in almost all aspects of gang operations
°°°°° Control a single medium-sized gang; Arrange impressive protests by street people


People have to move. They have to travel to and from work, shopping and for business and pleasure. People fly, drive, and travel by train. Goods are hauled over rail, sea, air and via the highways. With the means of moving about, our big old world becomes a much smaller, accessible place. Contacts and allies can be found on the roads, in the airports and in train and bus stations. Those who can be used by Kindred include: cab drivers, bus drivers, pilots, air traffic controllers, travel firms, sea captains and their crews, border guards, and many, many others.

° Know what goes where, when and why; Travel locally quickly and freely
°° Track an unwary target if he uses public transportation; Arrange passage safe (or at least concealed) from mundane threads (robbery, terrorism, sunlight, etc.)
°°° Seriously hamper an individual's ability to travel; Avoid most supernatural dangers when traveling (such as Vampires or Mages)
°°°° Shut down one form of transportation (bus lines, ships, planes, trains, etc.) temporarily; Route money your way ($500)
°°°°° Reroute major modes of travel; Smuggle with impunity


The world of crime offers lucrative possibilities to strong-willed or subtle leaders. Guns, money, drugs, and vice-- such delicious past times can be led by anyone talented or simply vicious enough to take them. Underworld Influence lets you call on such favors for all manner of illegal dealings, and its ranks are filled by the Mafia, La Cosa Nostra, drug dealers, bookies, Yakuza, tongs, hitmen, fences and criminal gangs.

° Locate minor contraband (knives, small-time drugs, petty gambling, scalped tickets)
°° Obtain pistols, serious drugs, stolen cars; Hire muscle to rough someone up; Fence stolen loot; Prove that crime pays (and score $1,000)
°°° Obtain a rifle, shotgun, or SMG; Arrange a minor "hit"; Meet someone in "the Family"
°°°° Make white-collar crime connections
°°°°° Arrange gangland assassinations; Hire a demolition man or firebug; Supply local drug needs


Institutions of learning and research are the purview of the University Influence. Access to the halls of learning can help you with any number of resources, from ancient languages to research assistance to many impressionable young minds. School boards, Students from kindergarten through college, graduate students, professors, teachers, deans, Greek orders and a variety of staff fill the ivy-covered halls.

° Know layout and policy of local schools; Have access to low-level university resources; Get records up to the high school level
°° Know a contact or two with useful knowledge or Abilities; Have minor access to facilities; Fake high school records; Obtain college records
°°° Call in faculty favors; Cancel a class; Fix grades; Discredit a student
°°°° Organize student protests and rallies; Discredit faculty members
°°°°° Falsify an undergraduate degree