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In the heart of the city of San Diego stands a bastion of green- the renowned Balboa Park. Home to over a dozen museums, countless gardens and one of the finest zoos on the west coast, Balboa park has remained a province of nature to the the ever creeping urban sprawl of Southern California. The land has seen it all, and fought back loggers, retail developers, forest fires and even toxic waste spills, and yet like the wilds themselves, it persists.

In 2015 the site received a rather large endowment to help bring it up to speed into the 21st century. Old style street lights have been replaced with energy efficient LEDs sporting their own touch panels for curious visitors to learn more. High Definition security cameras dot the highest of trees, almost invisible to anyone not paying attention.

Perhaps most curious was the closure of the Eastern trails of the "Florida Canyon" to the east of the park's proper. Press reports note this was due to a recent uptick in Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes and even rumors of a young child falling ill with a strange toxin in their system.

Recently there have been rumors of coyotes moving into the area, as distant howls have been heard late into the night. Park officials have remain skeptical of such a claim, but encouraged by it, proclaiming the wild has returned to San Diego.

Places of note:

Plaza de Panama at Balboa Park

The plaza is the heart of the Balboa park conservation region. An Esplanade of local agriculture and gardens for those of all ages to meet. The park is often used as a common ground area, and sports a private bar and restaurant upstairs for the VIPs of the area. (Meeting place + Bar)

Desert Garden As part of the 2015 upgrade, the park's' desert garden took on loan various nature shrines and and statues in an attempt to emulate the popularity in places such as Seattle and Portland. The statues never really caught on with the masses and are often just ignored by the greater public. Though there is a subgroup outline on fan forums speculating on why small offerings continue to be dropped and spread at the statues. (Shine section)

Naval Medical Center Library

In 2014 the Naval Medical Center Library closed down operations to move to an upgraded facility west of town. The land has been taken over and used by the local Zoo as a supplemental housing and resource facility for guest researches. The area has seen a significant technological update in recent years, as well as an added security presence. The nearby administration buildings have also been updated to support supplemental housing while the local Chapel has closed down yet remains in a state of proper and well maintained care. (Camp housing, 4 buildings for 4 packs.)

Fleet Science Center - Once thought to be on the chopping block during the 2014 budget cuts, the SD Fleet Science center has seen a revelation in recent years. Embracing the modern start-up culture and inner nerd of the west, the Science center has started hosting everything from Mythbusters exhibits to video gaming showcases. It's even held gaming events and plans to host an esports event in 2018. With it's new mission to showcase the balance between the modern technological man and the untamed beauty of nature- the Science center has become one of Balboa Park's most popular attractions. It's also drawn the attention of researchers and developers, with a new western wing being developed towards highlighting to the world what that merge of man and nature might look like as we enter into the 21st century with bold hopes.(meeting place / event night)