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Fox Totem

When one steps across the gauntlet into the umbra to see the caern in all its true glory prepare to be overwhelmed. The air seems to crackle with energy of the wyld, the trees are vibrant full of power and glory even the grass seems to glow and pulse with energy. Running around the forest are wyldling spirits full of power and creation brimming across their bodies. If one watches and peers they can see a Fox flitting to and fro through the trees moving lighting quick. If it stops it looks at you with an intelligence unsurpassed a cunning that many only wish for before disappearing. In the distance you hear the footfalls of the mighty stag full of strength and vigor if one sees this powerful creature of masculine energy look in awe.Fae are also here drawn to stag, to the wyld to the caern see them as they are in the umbra. But this is a will Caern spirits of war are drawn to the power of this place the thundering of drums beat with them and the echos battle cry out igniting the blood and rage deep inside of you calling to you as they sing the song of war. Within all the power, all the energy ancestor spirits are beckoned here as well ready to greet those that would know them, see them. This umbra here is power, will, war, wyld, fae and ancestry and you have crossed into it.